Window of Shame

Window of Shame

Photography to me, is more than just making memories. It is an extremely powerful medium by which an event and message are frozen in time, and leaves its mark in the river of time. In my recent trip to Amsterdam, I had the chance to walk around the infamous red light district of Amsterdam, and chanced upon this museum of sex. It is a museum dedicated to bring to light the life of a prostitute in Amsterdam, and instead of having it in secrecy of the trade, the organisation endeavours to bring to light what was essentially a wicked trade of human trafficking and crime against woman.

The photo was taken from the view point of where a prostitute would sit and would peddled and sell herself to the visitors outside the window. It is a degrading and shameful thing to do, when one sells its dignity of life and body to strangers, and the evil of it does not just stop there; its repercussion of prostitution affects the fabric of our society, and it sends the morally failures down that spirals that will spins off to Pedophilia, and health issues such as the spread of HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases. Not forgetting that a society gone crazy on immorality often show its crack in the later generation of its people, the effect on innocence of children is drastic and devastating.

Part of my passion, besides photography, and organising the collective photography talents in Singapore to use a powerful art form such as Photography to bring a voice to people who can’t speak for themselves.

3 years ago

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