100 Thoughts on Photography

1. It is not the camera that takes great photos, it is the person behind the camera.

2. Invest in photography books, not new gear.

3. Sometimes, taking time off from shooting on your camera to appreciate life, will help you in your photography.

4. Do not be a jack of all trades, but a master of one genre in photography.

5. Carry your camera everywhere. You rather have your camera around to take that one shot than regretting not bringing one for that shot of your life.

6. Develop your own workflow be it digital or film

7. Invest in a good film camera. It will never run out of style, or get outdated Unlike your digital camera.

8. Black and white photography is the toughest to master.

9. Get to know other photographers and learn from them. Being teachable is fundamental for a learning photographer.

10. Learn to appreciate Fine Arts and Paintings.

11. Learn to sketch. It helps honing your perspective and your composition.

12. Keep it simple.

13. Read about designing such as how white space or negative space actually makes your photos look more classy.

14. Learn to take pictures of everyone, especially your family.

15. Never ever use photography for exploiting women or children. No saucy photos or nudity. It will corrupt your idea about photography.

16. Always travel with your camera.

17. Know your camera intimately, and how to operate it efficiently.

18. Always charge your batteries

19. Always get a few spare batteries

20. Get a flash

21. Invest in a small guide book or a field book about photography

22. Read on exposure and how to get the type of exposure on your camera with the right settings.

23. Use your photography skills responsibly.

24. Learn to use Lightroom and Presets

25. Always learn to accept criticism from other people on your work.

26. You do not need to win a competition to be a good photographer

27. Learn to laugh at life.

28. Print your photos and frame it.

29. Have a photo wall at your home.

30. Invest in a few prime lens, especially an affordable 50mm f1.8.

31. Always keep your cameras and lenses in a dry box.

32. Be generous in your time in cleaning your gear

33. Experiment different types of photography such as Lomo

34. Try taking photos at your waist level

35. Visit the museums and gallery

36. Learn about COLOURS, and the power of the effects of colours.

37. Learn about LIGHT and the different type of light and the time of the day.

38. Learn about the fundamental photography techniques such as Golden Ratio, Rule of Third, Zone focusing. These are very important lessons in order to get you right on photography.

39. Have a tripod or at least a monopod

40. Photos are more interesting with people in it. It lends perspective to life.

41. Learn to shoot with your heart.

42. Silver Eflex Pro is the best software for black and white.

43. Yes, Leica cameras are great, but so is Olympus, Fuji, Nikon, Canon or Sony.

44. Invest if you need to, in lens.

45. Learn to create your own LR Presets and share it

46. Do not despise people who use their phones to take pictures.

47. Do not laugh at people using their IPAD to take photos, but yes, you can snigger and get irritated when they do that in front of you.

48. Do a documentary photography project at least once in a lifetime.

49. Print your works.

50. It is easy to take pictures, but it is a life long endeavour to get great photos.

51. Teach someone about photography in your community

52. Get involved in community project with photography

53. Have fun with photography, don’t take it so hard with a hobby.

54. If possible, do not make photography your profession. It will destroy your interest sooner or later.

55. Take pictures of children laughing. You will be surprised at how innocence will become your theme.

56. Take pictures of pets and their owners.

57. Take pictures of family.

58. Great photography is not about New York, but around you.

59. Great Photography lends a new perspective of an old familiar scene.

60. Learn to tell a story with your photos

61. Learn to take a self portrait.

62. Learn to read a histogram

63. A wide angle lens is better than a telephoto lens for street photography

64. Do not spend $10000 on a telephoto lens just for birds, it is ridiculous.

65. Get a cheap camera and give it to a kid. You may be surprised at the photos they take.

66. Have more than 1 memory card available.

67. Take more pictures of your wife / or husband.

68. Learn how to clean your camera, lens and gear

69. Camera and Lens are your tools, let your heart tell the story through it.

70. Be kind to others who are learning photography.

71. Always get a filter UV for your lens.

72. Learn about Polariser

73. Learn about filter.

74. Don’t spend so much time and emphasis on technology of photography. Just shoot.

75. Video is NOT photography

76. Don’t buy a camera and not use it. It is stupid.

77. Try Film photography occasionally. It lends perspective to your shooting.

78. Before snapping on that trigger, spend at least 7 second to ask yourself why are you taking that.

79. Share your knowledge

80. Be realistic with your photography prowess.

81. Always have your lens pen, microfiber cloth, and blower with you.

82. Go for photo shoot with other photographers

83. Go attend Workshops

84. Learn to critic with grace.

85. Invest on a good camera bag

86. If possible, get your gear waterproofed.

87. Photographer in public needs to be invisible.

88. Photographer always respect people’s privacy

89. Always share your work with your subject if possible.

90. Take at least one sun rise photo

91. Take at least one sun set photo

92. Start on a photography project like One photo a day for the year.

93. Always watermark your photos if you are publishing them online, or sharing them on social media

94. Never steal other people’s work.

95. Be a mentor for younger photographers

96. Business is antithesis to Photography

97. Do not be too concerned about technology in photography

98. For a start, buy a second hand gear and try out instead of impulsive buying

99. Read a lot about the other photographers

100. Develop your own photography philosophy.

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