Top 5 Tips on Editing Your Photos

Today We’re sharing TOP FIVE TIPS for editing your photos:

There are plenty of ways to edit photos, it depends on what you are looking at. For our case, we want to focus on showing the expression and the happy moments behind the photos. So we won’t touch on too much editing here. Our advice is, shoot nicely on your photoshoot day and edit minor. Editing is a tool to do what you or your camera can’t do on your actual shoot, and not to rescue faulty photos. Prevent over-editing, as it may destroy the quality of your photos. The 5 GREAT TIPS starts here:

Photography terms: Exposure
What it means: Lighting/brightness

In digital photography, exposure is one of the main key for good photos. It’s also the measure for total amount of light being captured. Usually Aperture, Shutterspeed & ISO has to be set on shoot to compensate the lighting to its balance. In editing software, you can look at your photo exposure by the histogram at the side to roughly look into the balance.

For extreme cases like shooting the milky way in the dark, the histogram may show it as underexposed. However, the photos looks alright due to the highlights of the milky way that is the main key we want to show and needed darkness to be surrounded with it. So overall, brighter or darker exposure and balance depends on situations and by oneself judgement, not always on histogram chart.


Photography terms: Tint/tone/shade
What it means: Highlight/shadows within Saturation

Highlight and shadow can be quite general and pretty much obvious to human eye. At some point if the shadow that is un-removable from the shooting scene, we’ll have to do it in postprocessing. And when you are adjusting your highlight and shadows, do also take note of the colours changes too. That will lead you to the knowledge of Vibrance & Saturation below:


Photography terms: Vibrance/Saturation

What it means: Intensity of colours

The diagram show some examples of difference in colours for Hues, Tints, Tones, Shades.

Photography terms: Clarity
What it means: Sharpness

Sharpness play an important role in your photos especially when you need to print it out in the future. Nonetheless, as professionals we are very particular about sharpness & clarity.



Photography terms: Vignetting
What it means: Fading border, that focus into the center of the photo
Vignettes plays a part when you need to surround the subject in the middle of your photos, it somewhat makes it slightly focus into the center. However, adding too much vignetting will make your photos look artificial which is not advisable.


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