Starting out on photography?

Starting out on photography may seems to be daunting at first, but seriously, it is not as scary as it is in reality. Here are some tips which can help as it has for me, to get a grip on reality and put me on a sensible road being a photographer.

Create your own style

One of the key characteristics of a good photographer is having their own unique style and genre. You can’t be a jack of all genre and be good at every thing. Learn to do something well which resonates with your heart, and develop that aspect of your creativity.

Build your skills not gears.

One of the most common problems for photographers is that we tend to chase after the latest gear and forgot that it is most of the time, not about the expensive camera or lens we have, but what we see through those lens. I’ve seen great pictures taken on a D80 Nikon (which is ancient now), and great gear does not guarantee great photos. Spend time on honing your creativity and how you see the world. Be an avid reader and develop an appreciation for fine arts. There are lots you can learn from these disciplines such as Fine arts.

Get a mentor

There are many good photographers in Singapore, such as Irene at TPASG, who offers internship and apprenticeship (I think it is the same, but oh well), where you can learn from some very accomplished photographers in Singapore. Join some of the societies and groups online and offline to learn from the experts and have fun interacting with them.

The first 10,000 photos

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson. One of the great photographers in our time whose works are iconic in the history of photography. The key is patience. Do not expect to be a master of photographers in a short time, it takes thousands of hours, and thousands of shots in order for you to even discover your own style. And don’t get too disappointed as well, when you get critics on your photos. Be teachable and humble and learn even from your critics on how to improve your composition and exposure, so the next 100 photos taken will be a better than the previous.


3 years ago

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