Why old school photography is cool?


Digital Camera didn’t exactly kill off film, as most would have said at the beginning of the digital revolution. Now vintage is the new black, and film is the new cool of photography and is making a comeback. Personally, i love film photography which is just SO OLD SCHOOL. Why?

First, there is a feel to film that digital cannot replace, most would say the sound of the shutter, or the feel of a real solid Nikon F2, or a Leica M6 which is legendary by the way. How you connect with your camera will affect your creativity, and when you have that connection to the camera, you will be able to take photos easily as and when your eyes see.

Film forces you to put more thoughts into your composition as every click cost, unlike Digital, where you just ‘spray’ on the continuous shooting with no consideration to composition. Well maybe some of you will, but with film, composition is given that extra consideration, and it will help you improve your photography.

For those who takes black and white, unless you are rich enough to get a Leica Monochrome, having a film with a 400TX will give you a quality of black and white, that you cannot take with a digital camera. It is especially important for those who loves the imperfection of a black and white, the randomness of an unfocused exposure, you’ll fall in love with a film camera.

It is ridiculously cheap these days to get a film with a great 35mm lens for less than half of the price tag of an entry level DSLR. Best of all, you will not get caught in the GEAR ACQUISITION SYNDROME. My Nikon F2n stayed with me a decade and i’m still using it, and with my Fm2 as well.

Forgot to charge your battery or ran out of space of your memory card? Never mind, for film, all you need to worry is get enough rolls of film or in which films can still be readily available anywhere. You do not need to worry about running out of juice, or space for your next best shot.

Printed photos last longer with more meaning than those resides on your lightroom library. If you are taking photos just to keep in your digital storage and not hanging them on the wall, it is a pitiful end of photography and the beauty of it. My dream is that i will have all my walls filled with photos i took and photos of my family and will last a generation.

Just a few thoughts of why I love Film more than Digital, but i still dig Digital.

3 years ago

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