Quick Tips for Capturing the Right Moment at Children’s Party

We know that it isn’t easy to Capture the right moment of Children while they are running around the Party, and at the same time preventing accidents from happening and maintaining your sanity.


That is why we are here to help you out with some Quick Tips!


Here are some secrets in successfully capturing the right moment of any Kids Party! So that your client’s moment won’t gone down to drain and can relive the timeless moments afterwards in their life.


Some of the main keys in BOLD.


Plan the Shoot, set timing for each activities.
1. Capture the Party Decors/Details before opening to Guest! 

2. Get some shots of Guest coming into the Party place.
3. Include various angles and type of shots

4. If you are using DSLR, try using larger aperture.

Be in the Child’s World.
1. Children is said to be one of the most difficult portraits to capture, and how to make them stop moving will be another challenge of yours. One of the best way to freeze that perfect moment is to let them interact with  your camera.  Talk to them, ask some questions and while they answers it let their eyes communicate with you.

2. Make them laugh, play with them to capture beautiful shots of their candid.

Get to your child’s perspective.
1. Prevent shooting from your normal height. Go down to the child’s level.

2. Create Series shot of them receiving gifts from other individual children.

The Right Moment.

1. The MUST NOT MISS shot:
– The Cake Shot

– Make a wish shot
– Birthday Songs shot
– Cake cutting shot
– Family Group Portrait with the Cake

2. The BEST NOT TO MISS shot:
– Children playing or activities candid

– The Eating mess (especially on the mouth, sometimes can be quite adorable)

– Don’t forget about the Parents who came to the Party too. Make sure you capture their Happy Right Moment too. Tips: Never shoot them eating!

– Last but not least,  Aftermath Cake Cutting Shot.

– If you’re using Smart phones to shoot, remember the last step is to source for a good App for some quick photo edits.


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