Deciding on the next big upgrade Nikon D810 vs Sony A7MK2

For awhile, I’ve been deliberating on upgrading to a camera system that is up to date and while deciding against the acquisition syndrome, where one is spoilt for choice, I’ve chosen two of the most popular camera systems to benchmark against each other Nikon D810 vs Sony A7 M2. Of course, I am using two main review sites of I believe they are really good in putting up reviews of each of the new camera systems that got into the market. DP Review and DxO Mark.

DxO Mark Screenshot
DxO Review score on Nikon D810 vs Sony A7M2

While DxO Mark gave D810 one of the highest rated camera in their Camera review database, Nikon D810 offers a serious option for anyone who wants to get into the Pro DSLR level, especially with a huge 36 mega pixel resolution and a sensor without AA filter (in order to capture more details in your pictures), and if you are already using a D800/D800E, it may not represent a huge jump in your equipment. You can read some of the best reviews on D810 on DP Review on D810, CreativeLive review on D810, DSLR Bodies, and DxO Mark.

On the other hand, Pro DSLR selection has now being largely challenged by the emergence of smaller compact bodies on full frame such as Sony A7 series. One of the most talked about cameras in recent times is the introduction of Sony A7 Mk2. Sony has on its fundamental design of sensor which is being used by high end cameras offered by many brands such as Nikon, Canon and Olympus, we can expect exciting innovation of Sony that they are introducing into their premium range. Some of the reviews you can read about Sony A7 Mark 2 is found here: Cameralab, DP Review, and Phoblographer.

In my opinion, (I may be wrong), technical differentiation between this two amazing cameras is not significantly big. Both are very good in what they do, and in terms of quality wise, I am sure on both side of the camp of Sony and Nikon, both will produce amazing photos. Nevertheless, there are a few non technical consideration which will affect my decision on which camera to go for.


Nikon D810 will be significantly more expensive than the Sony for at least twice the amount of the Sony in retail price. But considering which will last longer for me, the durability and the compatibility of the lens I already own. Nikon will probably edge it even tho it is expensive. I have a whole range of my nikon compatible lenses i can use and offers me a larger flexibility for the work i am doing. While Sony may be slightly cheaper, there is an uptake in terms of the new lens i need to buy, and Carl Zeiss Lens aren’t that cheap with the range and the prime lenses. So it kind of make up for the premium price I pay for a D810.


This is a no brainer, as carrying a big body Nikon D810 and its weight toll on my back and neck, Sony is a winner here. A small compact size with weight that is easy on my hand, and shoulder, I think for anyone who is doing street photography, this is THE camera you need to consider due to its weight, operation and quality it provides. I will not even consider taking a D810 for a street photography because at the end of the day, i will be spending more money nursing my sore arm, shoulder and neck.

Ease of Operation

If you are a Nikon User, having that sense of familiarity with the operations of a Nikon bodies is important as knowing your equipment will lend to you getting closer to your shot easier and controlling the conditions of your shots will be critical. Sony may offer an extended control through its wireless and via mobile, and if you are considering putting your camera somewhere on a  tripod and take a picture while hiding somewhere, maybe it could your gig and preference, but for me, no way i am going to leave my camera on a tripod unattended to.


I have used Nikon for a long time, and i have a workflow all designed around with the type of storage Nikon provides and this is key in my consideration. Would i want to look to design a new workflow with a sony camera with an entire new set of storage cards I need to buy? Maybe not

So is it a D810 or a Sony A7 Mark 2 for me? While I am deliberating on a decision, tell me what you think and leave a comment here.

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