Photography Interest Groups in Singapore

This is one of the quick guide to some of the main photography interest groups that you can be part of, and get to mingle with the fellow photographers in Singapore. These are some of the best places to learn from each other, get some tips and even join a few of their photo walks and projects.

Photographic Society of Singapore | Facebook Group

One of the most recognised professional body for photography in Singapore, established way before the other groups came about, and they organised courses and workshops regularly.

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Photography Khaki | Facebook Group

One of the most active groups on Facebook that is more or less for Singapore photographers both professional and amateur. This group has streams of contributions and activities from photo walks, photography projects, showcasing best contributions from its members with their own brand of online magazines and more. Join the group to learn and get into the vibrant community of Singapore photographers.

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Shutter Journey (Singapore) | Facebook Group

SJS is one of the largest and oldest photography community to exist online, the group has a large network of photographers, and has a vibrant contributions in the group. They organise photo walks and projects in Singapore and around the world.

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Leica User Group Singapore (LUGS) | Facebook Group

Leica users are one of the most niche groups even within the photography community. Their passions burn as bright as the little red logo that bears one of the most revered logos in the photography industry – Leica. This is one of the groups that is opened to any Leica users.

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Singapore Photography Interest Network (SPIN) | Facebook Group

SPIN among the other groups, has been one of the oldest group that exists online that help serve the community of photographers in Singapore. They often get involved with projects and partnering with companies such as Fujifilm X and organising photowalks in and out of Singapore.

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Shutterbugs @ SG | Facebook Group

Relatively new in the scene, in which they welcome anyone to contribute and they do share some interesting news on photography as well as tutorials. If you are not comfortable about joining a big group, start with this and get to know the people in there as well.

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Photographer | Facebook Group

A large generic photography community with no specific genre. You can contribute and they do not encourage mobile photos to be uploaded.

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Our Photography Club | Facebook Group

Every photographer has a different reason for picking up his or her camera. Some do it to capture memories while others use it as tool to showcase to the world the global issues that they hold close to their heart. The purpose of this group is to promote photography as an art to the communities.

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Leica M Type 240 Interest Group | Facebook Group

This User Group is created about the Leica M 240, M-P Type 240 and Leica M Monochrom Type 246 exclusively to find rewarding ways of sharing knowledge, images, troubleshooting, #cameraporn, ideas and more about the Leica M Typ240, Leica M-P Typ240 and Leica M Monochrom Typ 246. For people who have interest in getting this camera and getting it to work for them self and others.

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Singapore Journal of Photography | Facebook Group

Last but not least, our very own Facebook Group. The group is set up to promote Photography in Singapore and sharing our knowledge with the rest who wants to be part of the vibrant group.

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