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Today, we can go out on the streets, and see many people with their fanciful DSLR or snapping away on their phones, and the explosion of photos taken and putting it on the internet has never been higher. But there is a subtle difference between taking a picture and making a picture through photography. For one, a selfie is not in my opinion considered as part of the art of photography, and with the advances in camera technology and the proliferation of affordable digital camera in the hands of younger generation, they are happily triggering away of shots here and there and there lacks any thoughts apparently in the composition of the photos, it is a photo that we cannot interpret by others, of zero value, of zero value in terms of artistic quality. I am not just referring to the technical aspects of composition, but on the surface, most photos today that we see on numerous photography groups in Facebook, it is another meaningless, pointless, shooting of the Marina Bay Sands, with no single theme or story around it. Basically, it is a weakly composed photo, that has been shot and composed by millions of noob photographers. For any photographers who wish to advance from just being a noob and the general happy trigger snappers, learn how to compose a photo with a strong subject, learn about the rules of composition, learn to use a fully manual camera so you will understand the fundamentals such as Aperture, ISO, Exposure, and Shutter Speed. Learn to appreciate and critic photos, and finally, learn to be kind to those who are learning. Someone once said, in order to be more than just a noob photographer, you need to learn to do these on your camera: Understand depth of field, take a portrait, shooting a brilliant sun set photo on the beach, learn about landscape and last, you need to be able to explain and interpret a photo that people can understand your experience. Photography is a journey, don’t just stop at happily snapping meaningless pictures, but continue to make art as you learn and explore the joy of making memories.

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