The Farm in Kranji


Took the afternoon of a hot and humid Sunday to go to the farm at Kranji and we met up with the team that is running the place and we had a real countryside lunch at the nice rustic looking cafe. It was an unique experience for a group of people who spent most of our lives in a city and to be able to chill out while taking some photos of the place for a group photowalk early next month. The first thing that hit me when i get to the farm, is the thrown back to the reality of countryside destination in this small island of Singapore, and i totally love it when you walked into the cafe, you are greeted by many people of many nationalities, and we encountered two extremely friendly dogs – Rustles and Tiny (I think and he is definitely not tiny), and they were so friendly and we just love petting them and enjoying the spread of food we have.


Do check out the delicious lemongrass drink (their specialty) as they touted as the perfect cancer killer, of which I had about 5 cups. I can say, it is so unlike the other lemongrass drink served elsewhere because this is unsweetened and I find it rather refreshing.


The walk around the farm was pleasant despite the humidity that kind of bath us in the thick atmosphere of suffocating hot air, we had to watch out for trails of ants crossing that hoping they will not climb up our sandals and bite us to death. We were lost in the green foliage that is overwhelming, as we encountered interesting trees, plants and kind of bring me back to the memories while we were walking in some forest in the army.


Can we afford then to give this place a miss without coming to terms of the role of nature in our lives? Man is not meant for a city living without understanding the original environment he was being put in, which is our nature. By coming to this farm and capturing some idyllic environment and getting ourselves immersed in the hugs of our mother nature, I’ve found out that we have benefited one way or another, either by the friendly people, the amicable dogs, and the calming nature of the farm, we left the place with something to take back to our busy, concrete living of the demanding Singapore again, and hoping our next visit, we will discover more magic about this area. Do keep a look out for more.

2 years ago

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