Remembering Rochor Centre

Remembering Rochor Centre is part of the series of photo walks organised by SGJP. It is part of a community initiative to document Singapore in photography and allowing photographers both Amateur and Professional to contribute back to Singapore in photography.


I never had any inspiration to shoot at this particular place – Rochor Centre, especially when it is just another old estate that will be torn down to make way for new transit between Singapore and Malaysia. However, in order to improve, photographer needs to challenge themselves to look at things a new way, and that’s what vaguely what I did. I forced myself to look at Rochor Centre in a way that I have never before, and I came away with some nice shots. The chair in the shadow is one and I think this has a story behind it. Who sat there before? Why is it in this corner? Who is this person? The light casting over the armed chair is uniquely positioned to emphasise the loneliness of this particular tool especially in a place that will be torn down. This estate is old, perhaps lots of memories, of old people, homeless people come here to sleep at night and the faces of many characters that remain a mystery on this chair.


The people remains the most colourful components of this place, the old people willing to have a chat and chuckle over our camera and stuff, and this reminded us of the Singapore in a certain period of history. Can’t wait to do another shoot before Sept where this place will be torn down.


Can’t image what establishment and the community that gathered here previously. Every single object bears the mark of decade of community life that is making me nostalgic of the time where people are closer to each other.


The ghost walking along the abandoned corridor beside the Kampong Glam Community Centre is a testament of a piece of history of Singapore that I am glad to have the privilege of immortalised in this photo.


Pigeons are the one left in this place and i am glad to have caught one up close. They are not scared of people, but gracefully parading themselves for the camera. We will be organising another walk to Rochor Centre before it is torn down in September 2016. Please keep a look out for the details on FB Group and on our Meetup Group.


2 years ago

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