The Sunday Afternoon at Kranji


The first stop was at the Kranji War Cemetery. It was an extremely hot day with the sun beating down on us relentlessly, but there was a certain sense of tranquility about this place that got me attracted to.


Saw this head stone with the word: Known unto God, which resonates among everything that there lies a man who gave his life to fight against tyranny, and we don’t even know this Australian, who fought for our country and people and he is not even a Singaporean. For this, i am glad we have National Service that we are all trained to hold weapons to protect our country should there be aggressor.


Love this photo against a cloudy blue sky.


We were spending some time at the Kranji Dam, and it was a nice park, not exactly like the Hoover Dam sort of a place, but a nice green park.


Love this chair in the park, and it is such photo that make me miss the old Singapore.

2 years ago

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