Another Tiong Bahru and Chinatown Walk.

Had a short Tiong Bahru and Chinatown walk with the Leica Users Group Singapore


Love the mural art on the wall and it is getting more and more popular around this part while the paintings actually do add some life into the neighbourhood and offer some interesting subjects for shooting as well.


Chinatown has always been an interesting destination for street photography, especially in the very nature of the people and culture, we do see interesting characters, histories, and sometimes listening to the stories of the old people here, will help put some perspective back in this busy city.


Life and death are part of our existence, and I took this ‘gory’ photo of a dead rat, while nicely positioned with the grass, i think there is a certain romantic about death, and how it will come to us all.


Met this uncle who did all this wall paintings in Chinatown and it was interesting to hear the life story of this man who was a graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and how he depicted the racial characteristics of Singapore in his drawings on the wall.


Street cobblers! When did we ever see one of these again? This is like the relic of the Singapore’s past and seeing this, just gave Tiong Bahru an unique characteristic of the nostalgic Singapore.L1000524-web

This walk was complete with the iconic building at Chinatown!


2 years ago

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