Making good photo from the heart

A technically taken photo with all the right techniques, control, settings may not be exactly be a great photo. Today, with money, one can get the best camera and superior lens and that do not guarantee great photos. After looking at many masters of photography, those that make great art or great photos are those who most of the time, their photos do not show great technical control, some even break the general rules of composition, but there is one common trait in all those great photos, is ‘character’ or sometimes i call it, photo taken with the heart.

The missing element to great photography beyond the mastery of the equipment is often not talked about on books or classes, which is the element of character which is injected into the images by the photographer, this can’t be taught, can’t be directed, but every photographer is on their journey of discovering it themselves, be it from an expensive Hasselblad, or from a mobile, from black and white to lomo, a well taken photo is captured from the heart. Try it and you will immediately see the difference. And of course, you do need to learn the fundamental and your equipment before you have that freedom to explore the limit you can do when you put your heart into it.

5 months ago

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