Nikon D850 the perfect camera?

Is it worth the wait? D850 is for now, the most exciting camera to be released soon by Nikon other 100th Year Anniversary, (While I was more of expecting a retro Nikon DF Mark 2), a 46 megapixel monster that is rumoured that is capable of shooting at (Cropped mode 8fps, FX at about 6fps), shooting 4K Video or even up to 8K, is this the camera that would exceed all expectations as Nikon touted it to be?



First, I shoot with a D810, at 36mp, the camera is not for the faint of ‘system’, each file would be huge unless Nikon has found a way to compress its raw format and a wonderful compression for the JPEG, otherwise, you are looking at almost working in the Medium Format spectrum. While D850 may be the cheaper of the Medium Format alternative, but does this camera while retaining a 35mm format, but delivering at the dynamic range of a medium format which feature a bigger sensor? One thing is for sure, having a ‘medium format 35mm range quality if this monster can deliver in terms of dynamic range’ with the Nikon compatible range of lenses out there, it is worth the money, especially those in astro photography or landscape. Imagine this monster doing a time-lapse with a 46mp resolution? Incredible.

Second, I do not mind not having that video function of this camera, like a DF purist, SLR should retain its main function of shooting still, the moment to capture high quality stills with a Digital SLR, is surreal, and if i need a video taken, i will opt for my Blackmagic anytime.

Third, a tilted LCD with the touchscreen ability is interesting. While on the D5 i find it bit quirky to use it especially when i chimp, touch screen function could be counter intuitive unless it features a smartly layout and interface which helps to get to the deeper level of the menu easier then maybe it is a notable upgrade even tho a touch screen tilting LCD is not new among its competitors like Olympus, and Sony.

I wonder if this D850 comes with a leaf shutter or at least a quieter shutter like that of a D5, that would be an upgrade. Including a longer battery life, (that means a more efficient hybrid viewfinder or without), a smarter and more efficient snap bridge that I can connect this monster to a laptop or a wireless HDD in the field, these would probably be very helpful to a photographer needed to manage the large files on multiple storage strategies.

Time will tell and I can’t wait to get this D850 just because it would be a great landscape camera to have and because it is a 100th year anniversary special for Nikon. Check out Nikon Rumours for more updates

6 months ago

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